General Terms & Conditions

1. Property
The self-catering vacation houses and apartments “PERALTA SRL”, hereinafter referred to as the Company, are located at Via di Agliano Peralla 1091, Camaiore (55041), Lucca, Italy.

2. Rental Period
The vacation rental lease begins at 4:00 P.M. local time and ends at 10:00 A.M. local time on the checkout date. The Company shall not be obliged to offer the accommodation before 4:00 P.M. local time.
Luggage pickup from the carpark with a small 3-wheel truck is possible, providing arrival is between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., or by special prior arrangement. There is also a trolley available for the use of the guests.

3. Occupancy and Rental Rules
The maximum number of guests is limited to the number of people informed by the Client in the booking form and must not exceed the maximum capacity of the chosen accommodation. If the Client books the house on behalf of additional guests, the Client is required to ensure that each additional guest meets any requirements set by the Company and is made aware of and agrees to these terms and conditions, rules, and restrictions set by the Company. If the Client is booking for an additional guest who is a minor, the Client confirms that he/she is legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor.
The Client agrees to always abide by the general rules of coexistence while at the property and shall be responsible for all members of the rental party and anyone else the Client permits on the property to always abide by the rules while residing at the property. The Client will find these rules in each property. They concern, for example, how to manage rubbish/trash disposal, noise nuisance, visiting guests, etc.
The consequences of not following these rules may result in additional charges or, in severe cases, termination of the rental agreement. To review the detailed rules before your arrival, please contact us by email.
Additionally, the Client agrees to be a considerate tenant and to take good care of the property, to leave it in a tidy condition at the end of the rental period, and to use energy responsibly, including but not limited to, turning off lights, air conditioning, and heating when not needed. The Client also agrees not to act in any way that would cause disturbance to those renting neighbouring properties.

4. Companion Animals
Well-educated dogs are welcome at the property, provided they are small or medium-sized, or in any case, under 70 lbs. Prior confirmation from the Company is required. Please initiate the confirmation process by providing details regarding the number of dogs accompanying you, their sizes, and any additional relevant information. In certain cases, an additional cleaning charge of €40 may apply.

5. Access
The Client shall allow the staff of the Company access to the property for purposes of repair, inspection, or emergency. The Company shall exercise the right of access in a reasonable manner, providing reasonable notice (unless in case of emergency).

6. Refundable Damage Deposit
Upon arrival, the Client is required to pay a refundable damage deposit of 300 EUR. This deposit serves as a security measure and will be refunded, at the latest, within one week of the end of the stay, provided no discretionary deductions are made due to:
-Damage caused to the property or furnishings,
-Dirt or other mess requiring excessive cleaning,
-Unreasonable use of electricity, gas, or water,
-Inappropriate use of the property facilities,
-Any other circumstance not adhering to our rules and policies.
It is essential to note that the sum reserved by this clause does not limit the Client’s liability to the Company.

7. Rental rate and fees
Payment in full of the rental fee shall be made in EUR at or before the scheduled arrival time. Under no circumstances shall the
Company’s liability to the Client exceed the amount paid for the rental period.
The Company shall not be liable to the Client for:
– Any temporary defector stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment or appliance in the property.
– Loss, damage, or injury resulting from adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes, or other matters beyond the control of the Company.
– Loss, damage, or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the Client if the property is destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period. In such an event, the Company shall, within seven days of notification to the Client, refund all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.

8. Cancellation Policy
For any cancellation at least 45 days before the start of the stay, the company will hold the 30% payment done while booking as a compensation. For any cancellation at least 8 days before the start of the stay, the company will hold 50% of the total reservation amount as a compensation.
For any cancellation 7 days or less than 7 days before the start of the stay, the company will hold the whole payment as a compensation.
The Company may also be entitled to cancel the Client’s stay if house rules are repeatedly broken during the rental period with no right for the Client to ask any refund.

9. Insurance
The Client is strongly recommended to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy in case of unforeseen circumstances, accidents or other issues that may prohibit guest from travelling or fulfilling rental terms (including cancellation cover) and to have full cover for the party’s personal belongings, public liability etc. since these are not covered by the Company’s insurance.

10. Extenuating Circumstances
If one of the following situations -unknown and unforeseeable at the time of the booking- occur and prevent or legally prohibit the completion of the reservation, the Client is entitled to ask for a Credit Note Refund which can be used for a term of one year from the check-out date of the first booking.
– Changes to government travel requirements: Unexpected changes to visa or passport requirements imposed by a governmental agency that prevent travel to “Peralta Tuscany”. This does not include lost or expired travel documents or other personal circumstances relating to a guest’s authorisation to travel.
– Declared emergencies and epidemics: Government-declared local or national emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and public health emergencies. This does not include diseases that are endemic or commonly associated with an area.
– Government travel restrictions: Travel restrictions imposed by a governmental agency that prevent or prohibit travelling to, staying at, or returning from the Company’s location. This does not include non-binding travel advisories and similar government guidance.
– Military actions and other hostilities: Acts of war, hostilities, invasions, civil war, terrorism, explosions, bombings, rebellions, riots, insurrection, civil disorder, and civil unrest.
– Natural disasters: Natural disasters, acts of God, large-scale outages of essential utilities, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events. This does not include weather or natural conditions that are common enough to be foreseeable.

11. Swimming pool
Tenants are required to adhere to the pool’s rules, which are prominently displayed at the pool area entrance and provided in the Guest book supplied by the Company. To ensure the safety of our guests, access to the pool may be limited to a specific number of people simultaneously.
In the event that the pool is inaccessible due to maintenance or safety standards, guests are not entitled to claim any form of compensation.
Children under 14 years of age are not permitted at the pool without parental or responsible adult supervision.