Sculpture at Peralta

Fiore’s sculpture is everywhere at Peralta.  The monumental ‘Araba Fenice’ (The Phoenix) looks as if it is flying off the main terrace in front of the hamlet of Peralta.   Fiore would say that this sculpture is a symbol of Peralta ‘rising from the ashes’, referring of course to the restoration work.

The Mask sits below the path at the entrance to Peralta. 

Arriving at Peralta, you see the ‘Gemelli’, carved in Carrara marble and representing Twins.

In front of the little Chapel stands the ‘Calabrian Woman’. Fiore was inspired to make this piece while in Calabria. She saw a peasant woman coming from the olive groves with a still born baby in her arms.

The Growth of Life was originally commissioned by the architect I.M. Pei for the Kipps Bay Plaza in New York, where it now stands. Fiore also made one cast for herself, and this is on the terrace of Casa Nuova.

”The African Woman, also in bronze, is on a small terrace in front of Peralta and represents famine in Africa

Inside the bar stands a boy dressed as a Cowboy. This sculpture is in plaster, the bronze cast having been commissioned by his family in Australia after the boy had died by drowning.

Most of the houses and apartments have a piece of Fiore’s art, be it a sculpture or a drawing. We have kept the atmosphere she created and her spirit lives on in Peralta through her sculpture.

For guests that are interested, there is a permanent exhibition of Fiore’s work that can be visited by arrangement.

Neil Ferber was ‘sculptor in résidence’ at Peralta for many years and some of his geometric sculptures are on display behind La Foresteria and on the terraces (below Casa Luigi and as you come up the path to Peralta on the left below Casa Pipistrelli.